Campus K-12th


Standard subjects offered are Bible, math, social studies, science, and English. These are our core subjects offered to students K-12th. We also offer art, HomeEC and elective classes. Primarily, ESP, Inc. curriculum, published in Largo, FL, is used. We design our own handout-sheets and purchase workbooks from major Christian Curriculum publishers.

Tuition & Additional Fees

Campus student tuition is: $100.00 per month for one child.

There are discounts for additional children in the same family. There are nine school months in the academic school year. The first month’s tuition is due when school begins near August 15th and the 15th day of each school month thereafter or at enrollment for those entering midyear. Fees are the same for home-schoolers or homebound students. The monthly fee covers all materials and books.

Achievement Testing Fees:

  • WRAT 3: $25.00
  • Stanford 10: $25.00
  • ACT/SAT: College Boards bills students

Refund Policy

Any student who withdraws his/her enrollment before any services have been rendered may receive a refund.

A Final Word about Fees

We strive to maintain the most reasonable fees possible. Tithers to the church get a discount. Full time instructors with enrolled children get a discount. We do need to receive fees for each month of service provided. Please pay your tuition fees. Any student two months behind in tuition will be dropped from our rolls. Any student leaving with unpaid tuition will receive an official transcript indicating credits for only the months where tuition was paid. This could cause a child to fail a grade which would be very unfortunate for the child. We would in fairness update the transcript if the family became willing to pay the school for services rendered. No diplomas will be awarded with tuition fees uncollected.

Lunches & Snacks

Lunches must be brought by each student. We provide refrigerators and microwave ovens. We have some low cost snacks available for purchase, but you may send your own.

Field Trips, School Photographs & Graduation Ceremonies

Field trips are scheduled based upon availability of transportation, weather and interest in participation. We have had an end of the year school trip annually and one or two field trips. We offer computer digital photos at a very good quality and a more than fair price. We conclude each academic year with an end of year banquet and graduation.


Our first annual was produced during the 2001/2002 school year. A spectacular job was done. Any enrolled student (on-campus or homeschooled) may furnish a photo to be published in the annual yearbook.


Please pray for us. Our goal is to provide a quality education in a safe Christian environment. We face many challenges on a daily basis. We have learned and continue to learn better ways to achieve our goals. We are not perfect, but are striving to be better and better in all regards. Please hold us up before the Lord and if we have presented ourselves worthy of your acceptance please recommend us to a friend.

Apply by completing and mailing us the appropriate form: Application Forms.