Faith Missionary Health Therapies is an outreach ministry of Faith Missionary Church.

Stacey Dewayne Smith, Ph. D., Ed. D., D. Min., LMT

Pastor: Stacey Dewayne Smith is a Tennessee State Registered Certified Reflexologist and a Tennessee State licensed therapist in Massage and Bodywork; graduate of Knoxville’s Healthflex School of Reflexology and the Massage Institute of Cleveland, holding the credential Doctor of Reflexology from the Modern Institute of Reflexology, Hiawatha, Iowa and is a member in good standing with both the Tennessee Reflexology Association and the International Reflexology Association. His practice concentrates in myoskeletal alignment therapies such as: Myoskeletal Alignment, Positional Release, Dorn Spinal Therapy, and the Spinal Touch Technique; as well as Bowen Therapy. Additionally; he serves as Pastor of Faith Missionary Church and is the Director of its private school.

Personal Creed

1. I believe that the human body was originally created by the God of the Bible to retain health and vitality…to live forever; if you will (Genesis 1:1, 26, 27); and even now, while not immortal, we can add length of days to our life or improve the quality of our lives (Psalms 21:4, Proverbs 3:2). Many varying factors (some under and some out of our control) may cause imbalances within our bodily systems. These imbalances cause “DIS-EASE” in our body that can lead to poor health or disease.

2. I believe that God created the human body and placed within the body an innate ability to heal itself.

3. I believe that there is a neurological relationship between the nerve endings and all bodily systems and internal organs. I believe that stimulation of these nerve pathways can restore a balance within the body affecting a positive change for the good. I believe that no one therapy is a “cure-all” for every health complaint but postural alignment therapies can help relieve pain, stress and muscular tension, improve blood supply, improve blood and lymph circulation, release toxins and encourage the unblocking of nerve pathways correcting congestion, inflammation and tension.

4. I believe that a reflexologist/therapist/body worker should (and should be allowed to) practice as he or she has been taught or trained in order to best assist his or her patient/client. A reflexologist/therapist/body worker should in all good conscience do all within the realm of his or her training for the betterment of the profession and the patient/client. A reflexologist/therapist/body worker should be allowed to use manual or other stimulation in his or her practice such as: hand or other pressure, percussion devices, ice, heat, water, infra/intra-red heat, ultra sound, light, magnetism, electrical/polarity stimulation, vibration and other. Also, I believe that those who practice and subscribe to a “hands only” therapy should not be discriminated against in their belief and style of practice. I believe there are referral or helper reflex points throughout the body that can be stimulated to assist the body in correcting imbalances and restoring health. See Mildred Carter’s book on Body Reflexology.

5. Based upon the above beliefs: I will conduct myself in a professional manner; ever striving to attain and maintain the highest level of bodywork knowledge and training.


  • Postural Analysis
  • Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques
  • Dorn Spinal Method
  • Spinal Touch Technique
  • Positional Release Techniques
  • Reflexology
  • Bowen Therapy
  • Essential Oil “Anointing”/Aromatherapy
  • Infrared Heat or Cold Therapies
  • Ionic Detoxification
  • Cupping (Negative Pressure) Therapy


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) in Religious Studies-Upper State New York University

Master of Science Degree (M. Sc.) in Vocational Education-Upper State New York University

Bachelor of Science Degree (B. Sc.) in Adult Education- Eldorado College

Doctor of Christian Education Degree (Ed. D.-Christian) Spirit of Truth Institute

Doctor of Ministry Degree (D. Min.) Spirit of Truth Institute

Awarded the Doctor of Reflexology credential by the Modern Institute of Reflexology

Masters Christian Education Degree- Spirit of Truth Institute

Bachelor’s Degree Christian Education- Spirit of Truth Institute

BA Degree in Biblical Counseling- Christian Bible College and Seminary

Tennessee State approved certified medical x-ray technologist program

Tennessee State approved Healthflex School of reflexology registered certified reflexology program

Tennessee State approved Massage Institute of Cleveland therapeutic massage and body work program

Eastern College of Health Vocations registered medical assistant program

National Healthcorp Certified Nursing Assistant/Orderly program

One undergraduate semester- American Sentinel University

Two undergraduate semesters- Motlow State Community College

High School Diploma


Current Registered Radiologic Technologist (R.T. (R) with the- ARRT

Current member American Society of Radiologic Technologists-ASRT

Tennessee State Registered Certified Reflexologist (R.C.R.)

Past Registered Medical Assistant (R.M.A.) with the American Medical Technologists

First employment was as a Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.)

Member with the Tennessee Reflexology Association

Member of the International Reflexology Association

Tennessee State Licensed Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (L.M.T.)

Selected Achievements and or Certifications

Became a Registered Radiologic Technologist by training and examination

Worked with allopathic physicians and specifically a Urologist in medical assisting and radiography

Worked with osteopathic physicians in medical assisting and radiography

Worked full-time with a Physical Therapist

Certified Nursing Assistant Training by National Health Corporation- certified

(My first employment was in a Nursing Home: all three shifts- direct patient care)

Certified Medical X-Ray Technologist, Licensed by the TN Board of Medical Examiners

Registered by the Registry of the American Medical Technologists as a Medical Assistant

As a medical assistant and radiologic technologist I have skills in basic patient care such as recording vital signs, taking blood pressures, documenting patient care, phlebotomy (drawing blood), injection of medications and contrast materials for diagnostic imaging, etc.

Selected Body Work Related

Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards MBLEx Exam, (passing score: 801)


Certified in Body Reflexology by the Acusage Academy

Certified Cryotherapy (Cold Therapy) and Certified Hot Stone Therapy

Certified: Alignment Technique by the International association of Homeopathy

The American Academy of Reflexology Seminars: Hand-Feet- and Ear Reflexology

Certified Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist- Erik Dalton Freedom From Pain Institute

Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy-Course 301-Sent to Heal and Anoint

Certified: Bowen Therapy Practitioner by International College of Natural Medicine, Frank Navratil, Bsc. N.D., Principal

Certified: DORN Spinal Method and Breuss Massage by Acad. For Holistic Healing Arts International

 Certified: Bio Mechanics Technique or Spinal Touch Technique by Dr. La Mar Rosquist D.C.

Additionally Certified: Bio Mechanics Technique or Spinal Touch Technique instructor Claudia Ragonesi at Seacoast Career School, Sanford, Maine

(Please note: The S.T.T. concentrates on (Postural Distortions and Sacral alignment). A plumb-line is incorporated for assessment and evaluation. It is a powerful therapy.)

I am especially honored to have the opportunity to teach in a well respected Tennessee State registered and recognized Career College in their Massage Therapy and Body Work program.

Leadership Activities 

Current Director of a state recognized private elementary and secondary school

Current primary instructor for: Bible Studies, English, and Human Anatomy and Physiology

Current assistant general overseer of a church denomination

Past State overseer of a church denomination

Past Lt. Commander of a local historical group


A great honor and activity that I have had is to have been blessed to establish a successfully operative private academy in August of 1999. It has grown from a small school that opened with two or three students to one that normally runs over one hundred full-time students; with some as campus day students, Homeschool students and adult high school completion students. Starting with nothing; I developed our programs from scratch, selecting courses and curriculum as well as creating all of our school forms and documents, and some of the curriculum that we use. While we remain a small school with humble facilities we have had the honor to graduate several students who have served our country abroad in the military, gone on to college, or who’ve become active and worthwhile citizens within business or the workforce. A second passion I’ve been blessed to pursue is the establishment of a natural therapies practice.

Abraham Maslow said, “If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” Consequently; I study various techniques including Positional Release and Essential Oil/Aromatherapy; which is very therapeutic. That having been said; I suppose one should eventually narrow their scope down to a manageable concentration of what they are passionate. I am very passionate about body work therapies and health and wellness careers. I enjoy teaching and classroom management. I am especially honored to have the opportunity to teach in a well respected Tennessee State registered and recognized Career College in their Massage Therapy and Body Work program; an experience I continue to enjoy and a memory I will hold very dear.

To schedule an appointment please call: 931-779-3338. Thank you.


Stacey Dewayne Smith, Ph. D., Ed. D., D. Min., LMT