Situated on the edge of the Cumberland Plateau, Faith Missionary Academy is located approximately 50 miles North West of Chattanooga; in the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee.

Faith Missionary Academy is an outreach ministry of Faith Missionary Church; a nondenominational, fundamental, full gospel, community church, which was established in the 1970s.

The Academy operates legally under Tennessee State Law: TCA 49-50-801 regarding Church Related Private Schools; or what is called Category IV Schools. Faith Missionary Academy is a member school with the Tennessee Association of Nonpublic Academic Schools (TANAS) which is named specifically in the above mentioned law. We offer many educational options.

We hope that we may be of service to you.

Faith Missionary Academy is recognized by Tennessee State Law, TCA 49-50-801 and the Tennessee State Department of Education as a Category IV Church Related School. We meet the requirements and operate as a member school with the TENNESSEE ASSOCIATION OF NON-PUBLIC ACADEMIC SCHOOLS (TANAS) P.O. Box 411, Hohenwald, Tennessee, 38462. Tennessee State law requires that diplomas issued by church-related schools and home schools in recognition of completion of secondary education requirements (High School) be considered by all state and local governmental entities as having the same rights and privileges of diplomas issued by public school systems. – Amends TCA Title 1, Chapter 3.

Faith Missionary Academy has been evaluated by the four branches of the U.S. Military and based upon student and officer testimony, tier evaluations, and the military’s requests for transcripts; we’ve had graduates accepted in all branches of the military as well as the Coast Guard. Students interested in the military are evaluated on a student by student basis as we have Campus, Home School and Adult Diploma completion graduates. The College Board, Princeton, New Jersey lists Faith Missionary Academy’s High School in the National Secondary School List. Our High School Code number for ACT and SAT purposes is: Code Number: 430834. Many FMA graduates have been accepted in the military, received financial aid and been accepted for enrollment in Regionally Accredited Colleges, Vocational/Trade and Career Schools; while others have obtained meaningful employment in industry, business and the professions.

Faith Missionary Academy and Bible Institute is fully accredited by the WORLD-WIDE ACCREDITATION COMMISSION OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS (WWAC) a legally registered, non-governmental, non-secular, church related accrediting agency. Address: Dr. Paul Richardson, Executive President, 2800 Blendwell Rd., Richmond, Virginia 23224.

If you have questions; or if we may assist you further, please contact our offices through the above information. Please feel free to copy the information from this page to investigate the acceptance and or reciprocity of our diplomas and transcripts in your particular location and for your desired needs. Thank you.

SCHOOL COLORS: Royal Blue and White trim

SCHOOL MASCOT: Faith Missionary: Mariners (portrayed by Christ and a sailor at the helm/wheel)

Very kindly,

Pastor: Stacey Dewayne Smith, D.Min., Ph.D.

Doctor of Ministry and Christian Education

Director Faith Missionary Academy